Android May Be the Greatest Legal Destruction of Wealth in History

What if you received $0.10 for every free Pepsi you consumed? Would you still pay $1.50 for a Coke?

That is the question eloquently put forward on a great piece written by Bill Gurley on his blog focusing on the economics of high technology businesses; titled: The Freight Train That Is Android.

The post is a worthwhile and quick read. It sheds some light on Warren Buffet’s Castle and Moats business metaphor as it applies to Google’s business model and specifically to Android; Google’s “less-than-free” phone operating system, that competes with Apple and others, as the moat fortifying its search engine castle.

As a self-professed techno-weenie, the title of the post pulled me in.  As I read it, it got me thinking, what can we do as small business owners to fortify our castles?  Can some of Google’s moat building strategy apply to me?  The answer is “of course”.  The real question is what, can I do?


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